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Harrogate Hospital

“The children’s outpatient department has clinics for all paediatric conditions and has some wonderful staff and fantastic consultants. We are a busy department and work really hard to meet the demands of the families and children we see. The department is however very tired and in desperate need of a refurbish. Not only have The Rainbow Fund provided the support for this to happen, they have provided a catalogue of new equipment and updated the old and outdated existing equipment. This is allowing us to provide the very best care possible for our children with state of the art diagnostic tools.

As if that were not enough we are also able to use the funds to maximise our space to allow us two extra clinic rooms which will allow us to develop our service further, cut waiting times and improve timely outcomes. We will have the space for new clinics in epilepsy, constipation, preterm baby reviews and some diagnostic testing that was previously done on the ward.

We will be inviting consultants from other services like survey and ENT into our department to see children and therefore safeguard them while in hospital.

The Rainbow Fund and the wonderful people within it, all the children and rainbow warriors have made all of this possible.  It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of this process from the initial decision to support us to the work which will be carried out late in the summer of this year. We are very lucky to have this support.”

Sal Katib, Paediatric Outpatient Manager & Paediatric Specialist Asthma and Allergy Nurse July 2017

“We are really pleased that The Rainbow Fund has chosen to raise money for the Special Care Baby Unit. The Transport Incubator is an essential piece of equipment that we needed in order to transfer babies who are critically ill. It also enables us to transfer babies in a safe warm environment to other departments for investigations. Our current Incubator is now quite old and we are no longer able to service it. With the help of the Rainbow Fund we will now be able to order a brand new incubator which will allow us to continue this vital service for the babies in our care.”

Kim Pitt, Senior Sister SCBU & Paediatric Outpatient Department March 2016

Springwater School

Forest School, Knaresborough

Children in our community

Equipment Purchased To Date

  • Static ventilator for Special Care Baby Unit
  • Transport ventilator for Special Care Baby Unit
  • Vital signs monitor for the Special Care Baby Unit x 2
  • Full refurbishment of the Children’s Outpatient department
  • Creating a fifth consulting room in the Children’s Outpatient department so the department can see 3,000 extra children a year and reduce waiting times
  • Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope: All Black 2218BE  x 15
  • Welch Allyn LED 97200-BIL Elite Diagnostic Set x 5
  • AIMs Machine
  • PC Eyegaze
  • Medical Personal Scales 704 Digital Column Scale (III)
  • Thermometer Electronic Device – Electronic Thermometer Wall Mount Alarm 4ft Cable Oral Probe FWH016
  • Hammer Reusable Reflex Queens Square Percussor FCB 10262
  • Treatment Couch Safe Working Load 200kg Electric Height Elevation only available height range from 45-97cm (18-37) standard width two  63cm (24) blue FAM3057
  • Stools Operator Hygienic Durable Gas Lift Stool adjustable height 5 star base upholstered in antibacterial vinyl grey FAM1964
  • Thermometer Tympanic Device Ear Thermometer Pro 6000 with Small Cradle FWH157
  • Specialist Parent Chairs for the SCBU x 2
  • Blood Pressure Machine (Carescape 100)
  • Nitrous Oxide Monitor
  • Cardiff Cards VA Test
  • City Cardiff Gratings Test
  • Kay’s Picture Test
  • Kay’s Low Vision Test
  • Ishihara Children’s Colour Vision Test
  • Fixation Sticks and Occluders
  • Pen Torch (x 6 disposable)
  • Lang’s 1 Stereotest
  • Frisby Stereotest
  • Bagolini Glasses
  • Prism Bar Set
  • RAF Convergence/Accommodation Rule

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